Neighbourhood Development Plan

Issues and Options Consultation

The Issues and Options consultation concluded on 28th October 2017. There was a good response with 403 residents returns to the general questionnaire plus two from organisations plus a further 19 businesses responding to the focused business questionnaire. About 10% of electors within the Parish participated in the consultation and over 120 responses from residents living in our “sister parish” of Balsall. With eight open questions where residents gave their views in written form, there is a wealth of data for the NDP Steering Committee to analyse. It is hoped that a first analysis of all of the suggestions, comments and ideas will be ready by late December 2017.

Over 50% of respondents attended the drop in sessions held in Balsall Common and Berkswell village and completed paper questionnaires. The balance of respondents used an online system via this web site. A resident created the online survey version using Google Forms. All of the paper responses were input into the same system by NDP Committee members and volunteers.

Initial Summary Reports

Many questions sought Yes/No/No opinion answers and the Google Forms software enables us to produce some instant reporting. The reporting shows the % responses to the yes/no answers and gives a list of many of the suggestions, comments and ideas. However, the “instant” report software does have a few restrictions. It does not list all of the comments, suggestions and ideas. With over 1000 of them there are simply too many for a summary report. Secondly, there are a couple of visual presentation anomalies in the results of the focused business report. The NDP Committee felt however, that despite these restrictions some residents would like an early opportunity to look at the summary results.

The NDP Steering Committee will be using the entire database in the system to conduct its analysis and not the initial summary report because every comment/suggestion is valuable. The final report will not only assess all of the written comments but will also analyse the yes/no/no opinion responses to compare the total response with that for Berkswell Parish residents only.

The general survey can be viewed here Issues & Options Survey

The business survey results can be viewed here Business Survey Results

Confidentiality & Transparency

It is the aim of the NDP Steering Committee to publish as much of the data and its analysis in as fully transparent manner as is possible. That will enable any resident, with a keen interest, to see what is planned for each suggestion made. A big task but the Committee felt it is worth it for the sake of openness. However, no data or analysis will be published or issued that will allow anyone to link a post code to a response. There are a few streets/lanes in Berkswell Parish with just a few houses and it is important that no one is able to guess their neighbour’s response.

All Councillors are required by law to sign up to a code to avoid conflicts of interest and to apply the Nolan integrity principles to all their council activities. The NDP Committee is comprised of 3 Parish Councillors and four community representatives. The community representatives have also signed the same codes and received expert advice on their interpretation to ensure that the NDP Committee operates to the highest standards.

The NDP Steering Committee

The Committee comprises the following local residents.

  • Andrew Burrow Parish Councillor and NDP Chairman
  • Richard Drake Parish Councillor and NDP Committee Secretary
  • Jane Edwards Berkswell Society representatives and resident of Berkswell village
  • Kay Howles Parish Councillor
  • Vince Ritters Balsall Common resident and an ex-governor of the Balsall Common Primary School. (Incidentally a Balsall Parish resident)
  • Keith Tindall Chairman of the Balsall Common Village Residents’ Association. (Incidentally a Balsall Parish resident of Balsall Common)
  • Geoff Wheeler A resident of Meeting House Lane in Balsall Common. (Incidentally a Berkswell Parish resident)

The Committee has been assisted with key tasks by the following and we thank them for their valuable support.

  • Residents Wendy Gault, Denis Stokes, David Varley, Alan Hanbury, John and Wendy Cairns, Sue Hodgson, Malcolm Hickin, Jim Ellis, Andrew Livingstone, David Felthouse, Graham Lock, Flick Wheeler

  • Parish Councillors Hitchcock, Lloyd, Edwards and Cambage

  • The U3A, Berkswell School, Heart of England Academy and Balsall Common Primary School. Many shops, the three pubs in the parish, the Legion, the White Horse and the library also helped.

  • We are advised by Louise Kirkup from Kirkwells, the independent town and country planning experts.

Anyone wishing to contact the committee can do so by contacting the Parish Clerk whose contact details are shown on the contact page of this parish council web site. Anyone wishing to help can also contact the parish clerk or a member of the committee.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NDP Steering Committee will be held at 1.30 PM on Monday 18th December 2017 in the Jordan Room, St John the Baptist Church Berkswell. Residents are very welcome to attend, ask questions and make suggestions to help the committee reach the best possible decisions. The agenda has yet to be published but it is expected that the Committee will be reviewing the analysis of the Issues ad Options questionnaire and business survey.

Minutes of the NDP Steering Committee can be found on the Report, minutes and accounts page of this Parish Council web site

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