Neighbourhood Development Plan

The work on a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Berkswell Parish has commenced. The current status is:

Steering Committee appointed

The Committee comprises 3 Berkswell PC Councillors (Andrew Burrow. Kay Howles and Richard Drake), two members of the Balsall Common Resident’s Association (Keith Tindall and Malcolm Hickin), Berkswell Society member and Berkswell village resident (Jane Edwards) plus two Balsall Common residents (Geoff Wheeler and Vince Ritters). Most of these were members of the previous joint NDP committee and hence there is a depth of experience.

Area Designation approved, Terms of Reference and grant application

On 18th July 2017, Solihull Council approved the designation of Berkswell Parish as a Neighbourhood area for the creation of an NDP. This step is crucial to allow formal work to be undertaken (as compared with preparatory work). The terms of reference for the Steering Committee have been developed and approved by both the Steering Committee and the Parish Council.

A grant application was made to “Locality” on 19th July 2017 for the first part of the NDP process. This funding could take several weeks to obtain approval. The Parish Council have appointed Kirkwells, specialists in developing NDPs, to assist the Steering Committee through the various stages of the process.

Sites Exhibition Data

The sites exhibition data for Berkswell can be seen here

Next Steps

The first major stage will be to consult with the Community on the Issues and Options to be considered in the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan. This sets the terms of the direction for the planning process and will cover both residents and the local business community. A draft objective and vision has been developed by the Committee upon which draft issues and options will be developed. The focus in its draft form of the vision and objectives is about local planning rules and land use. Such issues as housing type/design, accessibility & infrastructure, rural character and business needs. The draft vision and objectives can be found here.

Three working groups have been established to ensure that this first consultation meets its targeted timescale of September/October 2017.

If residents want to contact members of the NDP Committee with ideas, they should e mail the Berkswell PC Clerk on clerk [at]

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NDP Steering Committee will be help on Wednesday 20th September at 1.30 pm in the Jubilee Centre, Station Road, Balsall Common.. The agenda for this meeting can be found here. The following papers relate to the meeting Business Listing, Planning Policy Assessment, Business Questionnaire, Issues & Options

Minutes of the NDP Steering Committee can be found on the Report, minutes and accounts page of this Parish Council web site

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